Professional Bodybuilders, Olympic Competitors, Racing Drivers, Pro Golfers, Navy Seals, Air Force Pilots and Other Top Level Performers Use Neurological Brainwave Entrainment Technology to Train Their Mind and Body to Get "In the Zone".

NeuroFitnessIron Features Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Specifically Engineered for Bodybuilders and Athletic Training.


    Sharper Focus and Concentration


    Increased Energy and Stamina


    More Strength and Endurance


Simply by listening to any of the included audio sessions will stimulate your mind and refresh your body. The audio sessions are uniquely engineered to combine a layer of mood elevating music with multiple layers of brainwave entrainment technologies that work in unison with your conscious and subconscious minds while inducing states of focus, energy, relaxation, healing and rejuvenation.


Meditation is most often associated with states of deep relaxation, but it can also be a way to stimulate
your mind, elevate your focus and concentration, boost your energy and rejuvenate and heal your body.

NeuroFitnessIron is a high-tech workout for your brain.  Just like working out to train your body, you can train your brain for increased focus, energy, concentration, power, strength, endurance, relaxation and recovery. 

Performance, Cognition, Endurance, Sensory Perception and Motor Skills all Depend on the Functions of Your Brain and Nervous System. NeuroFitnessIron uses scientifically proven brainwave entrainment technology to help you prepare, perform and recover at an optimal level.

The NeuroFitnessIron Training Enhancement and meditation sessions feature brainwave entrainment technology with binaural beats and isochronic tones specifically engineered for bodybuilders and athletic trainers.


The NeuroFitnessIron Training Enhancement Audio Sessions are Created and Engineered with Technology Inspired by NASA, Professional Athletic Teams, Olympic Competitors and Racing Drivers who Utilize Neurological Brain Training,
Sports Focus Training and Sound Therapy Technology to Significantly Improve Mental and Physical Performance.

Get in the Zone! with scientifically proven technology. Controlling mind state can give an athlete the edge needed for an outstanding performance. Listening to the professionally engineered MP3 audio sessions included in The NeuroFitnessIron Training Enhancement System helps you focus and energize your mind before, during and after a workout, competition, exercise or other physical activity.


Just as you can train your body, you can train your brain to improve your focus, concentration and performance. Your brain controls your body’s athletic abilities, including motor skills, focus and concentration. The NeuroFitnessIron Brainwave Entrainment System's audio sessions are created with state of the art technology featuring binary beats and isochronic tones specifically engineered to improve mental and physical performance.


Your dominant brainwave frequency at any given time is related to your state of consciousness as described below:

  • GAMMA (over 40Hz): High mental activity. Problem solving. Increased perception.

  • BETA (40 – 13Hz): Alert. Awakened state. Common brainwave frequency while awake.

  • ALPHA (12 – 8Hz): Relaxation. Meditation. Daydreaming. Reflection. Visualization. Pre-sleep and pre-waking drowsiness. No time and space limitations. Increased serotonin levels.

  • THETA (7 – 4Hz): Deeper states of relaxation and meditation. Enhanced creativity. Improved receptivity to learning. Healing and pain relief.

  • DELTA (4 – 0Hz): Very deep, dreamless sleep. Loss of body awareness. Repairing and rejuvenation of the body. Release of Human Growth Hormones.


Our unique, professionally engineered multidimensional brainwave entrainment technology provides optimal brainwave entrainment while stimulating your conscious and unconscious minds as it helps release testosterone, seratonin, endorphins and human growth hormones. By combining multiple tracks of Mood Elevating Music with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones, NeuroFitnessIron Performance Enhancement Sessions work faster and more efficiently than others which may use only one type of brainwave entrainment method.


Each Session is Professionally Researched and Engineered to Provide Relaxing Meditation Combined with State of the Art Multidimensional Brainwave Entrainment Technology. Simply Listen to the Sessions on Your Mobile Device or MP3 Player.

Listen to the Samples Below for a Preview of the Training Enhancement, Recovery and Deep Sleep Sessions Included in the NeuroFitnessIron Training Enhancement System. The Sessions Feature a Variety of Fast Paced, Mood Elevating and Peaceful Ambient Soundtracks.
  Session 1: Energy - 15 mins  
  Use this session before a workout, before exercising or any time you need a quick burst of energy.
The session features a fast, upbeat soundtrack and is engineered with 12hz Beta waves designed
to make you relaxed, mentally sharp and deliver an instant boost of energy.
  Session 2: Focus - 30 mins  
  Use this session before or during a workout, or running, jogging or exercising. The session features a
fast, mood elevating soundtrack and is engineered with a short burst of 30hz Gamma and 15hz, 18hz
and 20hz Beta waves to make you mentally alert, increase focus and concentration while providing energy,
focus and motivation.
  Session 3: Strength - 30 mins  

Use this session before or during a workout, or running, jogging or exercising. The session features a
fast paced, mood elevating soundtrack and is engineered with 13hz Beta waves, 8.4hz Alpha waves, and
10hz Beta waves to get you "In The Zone", as well as build energy and motivation.

  Session 4: Endurance - 30 mins  
  Use this session before or during a workout, or running, jogging or exercising. The session features a fast
paced, mood elevating soundtrack and is engineered with 14hz and 17hz Beta waves to help enhance
concentration for longer periods of time without resulting in mental fatigue.
  Session 5: Recovery - 30 mins  
  Use this session after a workout or physical activity. The session features a peaceful and uplifting ambient
soundtrack and is engineered with 13hz Beta waves, 7.83 Theta waves and 14hz Delta waves. This session
uses the Schumann Resonance frequency of 7.83hz and guides your brain down to a deep, rejuvenating
Delta state, where your body naturally starts repairing itself and recovering from the day's activities.
  Session 6: Deep Sleep - 30 mins  
  Use this session when you lie down and need deep restful sleep. The session features a peaceful, soothing
ambient soundtrack and is engineered with 14hz Beta waves which ramp down to 7hz Theta and 1.05 Delta
waves to help you unwind and enter into a deep restful sleep.

The 6 audio sessions included in the NeuroFitnessIron Training Enhancement System and a PDF Quick Start Guide with session descriptions and usage details are available to download immediately after purchase as downloadable MP3 files playable on your mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player. Place you order now and start experiencing the results in minutes!



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WARNING! Do not use The NeuroFitnessIRON Training Entrainment System products while driving a motor vehicle, or at any other time when you need to be fully awake and alert. Do not use these products if you have been diagnosed with seizures or epilepsy, if you are pregnant, if you wear a pacemaker or if you suffer from any other serious medical condition.
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